by blacksalt

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released November 8, 2016

Blacksalt is Adam Peditto and Beth Murphy

Produced by Kyle Pulley at The Headroom in Philadelphia, PA
Mastered by Ryan Schwabe, Philadelphia PA.



all rights reserved


blacksalt Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

philadelphia, pa

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Track Name: Welcome, spider
Welcome, spider to my wall.
Excuse my terror while you crawl.
Holding my breath while visions skew.
You see, I'm just not used to you.
Truth be told I was up all night,
watching you from black until morning light.
I'm growing fond of securities.
Knowing that you're also watching me.
You see me in your dream,
while I watch you sleep.
Vanished, eight legs you left no trace.
Smear the shame across my face.
Destroy those promise webs you grew.
Typical insects like you.
You see my in your dream while I watch you sleep
terror shakes these halls (take on my walls my skin craws)
but I am so small (fall into my mouth and stomp me out)
Track Name: Rubix
I talk to strangers. They're not strange to me, they're poetry.
I'll break down the universe to a couple words like a bible verse.
My thoughts have turned to screams, I'm ripping at the seams of my own body.
Oh my god, you holy ghost, I'm doing your job.
Because they don't know, can't see it yet, I'm their prophet.
I have been up for days. Euphoric haze, in the number maze.
I'll blow your mind, I bet. Like why have we met? And god, and Lennon's death.
I'm not a product of the sickness, tell your analysts diagnose genius.
Oh my god, you holy ghost, I'm doing your job.
Because they don't know, can't see it yet, I'm their prophet.
I talk to strangers, they're not strange to me.
Track Name: H1N1
Give birth to eyes, and vocal chords, and metal walls.
See mother, manic and raped. Your father calls.
"You are not my kin. I feed their mouths in this ruined house. I am working brawn with calloused palms and a book of psalms"
This factory of 100 gods and the darkness plague.
Your sister cannot serve him well. Take her by the legs
Smash baby brains onto the floor. All things no more.
How can this be reality? Catastrophe.
The fist that feeds you growing weak and temples cold.
Slowly vanish. Panic. Paranoia unfolds.
Phantom karma appears in form of fears.
Do you even know their horror show? They reap they sow.

Is this a life? Or a preface to an aftermath where a garden grew?
A window here that I don't look through. Do I exist when you want me to?

Consume my body and drink my blood.
Strike down your Shepard and free my sheep.

Subborn pandemic nation fries their flu.
You finally got your revenge, but have no clue.
Track Name: Our Hands Apart
Woke up inside a dream where you were standing.
Now god is mocking us, and all of our planning.
The air that I breathe is not just mine.
Silently suffocate. Politely lying.
Peel off your tired skin. Untie your brain.
Confessing my thoughts, I'm not the same.
Your eyes, your mouths, your clothes are shifting slightly.
The past fogs up my mind. Don't change without me.

Today I tried to pray. I ripped our hands apart.
The obvious attempt. My false start.
"I grown sick of myself", the words you cannot say
I can't offer your more, but I can go away.